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You will find a myriad of aspects that should be thought of when trying to determine winners in greyhound racing. For clarity I'll break them down into sub-sections.

The Draw


Here is the initially thought. What we indicate by draw may be the traps the greyhounds run from. The racing manager or handicapper is the person who decides, determined by previous performances, the entice from which a greyhound will start.

Has he or she obtained it proper and may the greyhound get a clear run?

Finding The Leader

It goes devoid of indicating that if we will find the chief we've been 50 percent way to backing a winner. Assess the break up periods of the runners. Bear in mind the general standard of early-speed. Dont be hoodwinked by a person speedy sectional set from others which might be consistently slower.

The Class

This is actually the racing professionals estimation of any particular greyhounds class at any individual time.

A normal grading program could well be to give a prefix for a selected distance, As an example, a 475 metres race at Walthamstow has an A prefix and 640 metres an S prefix. The letter is followed by a number which supplies the quality, or class, of your race. An A9 event could well be the lowest, For illustration and an A1 the very best.

Greyhounds will shift within these parameters depending on their performances. Since they achieve this it'll grow to be obvious that some greyhound tend to earn at certain concentrations.

After a timeframe they're going to settle into a pattern of regular competing with two or thre grades (eg A1-A3). You might notice pet dogs winning frequently a 1 amount but struggling when upped at school.


Bitches coming back from seasonal rest most normally drop into this category.

They often return for their very best form at all over sixteen-20 months soon after likely into season, the day of which happens to be proven clearly over the race card.

Thanks to a duration of inactivity because of year bitch return to racing in a lessen degree (eg an A1 performer may possibly return within an A5).

A prosperous punter will detect each time a bitch is probably going to return스포츠중계 to her best and devote accordingly.


Watch out for puppies managing above a distance which is Obviously wrong for them. It might become a Canine staying strongly in excess of say 475 metres at Walthamstow. She or he may possibly very well be worthy of an expense when provided a race in excess of say 640 metres.

About the flip aspect, a Puppy not acquiring property more than 640 metres could possibly very well shell out dividends to follow above 475 metres.